Retail’s Last Mile: Why Online Shopping Will Exceed Our Wildest Predictions

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The disruption of store retail by online shopping has only just begun. Few retailers are ready for the changes ahead.

Some customers shop in stores because they love to, but mostly they do it because there is no convenient alternative. This is changing. Technology which enables customers to make smart digital decisions and a wave of innovation in logistics are combining to solve the challenge of “retail’s last mile” how to profitably sell and deliver products to customers shopping from home.

Online retail expert Jonathan Reeve forecasts that last-mile innovations will see shopping online overtake shopping in stores within 20 years. Few players have grasped the extent to which their business models and mindsets need to change. The Amazons of this world have blazed the trail and a small number of retailers are keeping up. Most are well behind and have underestimated the threat. Reeve urges us to get ready before it’s too late.

About the Author:

Jonathan Reeve is a speaker, author and adviser. He is passionate about helping retailers to build profitable, stress-free, online operations.

Jonathan has worked in retail businesses in the United Kingdom, United States and Australia for over fifteen years. He was part of the team that developed the operating model for, a global pioneer of online grocery retail. Jonathan’s perspective is unique: he has both developed online retail strategy and led the frontline teams that deliver the service to customers. Jonathan has also worked in store retail and was the store manager of a large Tesco supermarket in London.

Jonathan has an MA in Economics from Cambridge University and an MBA with distinction from international business school INSEAD. Before setting up his own practice, Jonathan held roles with Aussie Farmers Direct, Coles, Tesco, Goldman Sachs and Arkwright Consulting.

Jonathan lives in Melbourne with his wife Anna and sons Leo and Max. He enjoys keeping fit, and has completed several ultramarathons and ironman triathlons.

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On Services: My Thoughts Explained

Why Health and Life Insurance are Beneficial If you are like many people in the modern world of today, you might know that one very important aspect of life that you should not ignore is your finances, and in order to take care of them in a beneficial manner, it is a good idea for you to come up with the best financial plan. Of course, there are also a lot of different aspects which are included in a financial plan. You must not forget, then, to leave out any of these very important aspects, one of which deals with health and life insurance. When people decide to get health insurance and life insurance, then, they can be sure that they are making a very good decision, as it is one which will provide them with many benefits to enjoy. One who decides to get health insurance will certainly be able to benefit greatly, as health insurance is known to cover a long list of many possible medical expenses. For example, the best health insurance plans are known to cover in-care patient treatment, prescription drugs, pregnancy care, emergency care and even preventive treatments. Knowing this will definitely give people great peace of mind, especially since the prices of medical treatments are rising as time goes on. One who gets life insurance will also be able to benefit because life insurance assures him or her that, even if something were to happen, his or her family will still be cared for. People might know that emergencies and accidents can happen very quickly, and might be afraid to think of how their families can survive without them. One who wishes his or her family to live in comfort and to pursue their dreams even if he or she has gone, then, should certainly invest in life insurance.
5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Insurance
Getting life insurance is also something that will be beneficial to you because when you do so, you can be sure to leave behind a very suitable inheritance for the heirs of your choice. When you are gone, you would certainly want to know that your heirs are living a good life and also that they have a suitable inheritance which they can use as they please, and it is wonderful to know that you can achieve this through your investment in life insurance.
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When all has been said, then, it is clear to see why health insurance and life insurance are very wonderful and worthwhile investments.

Incredible Lessons I’ve Learned About Options

Advantages of Structural Steel and Where to Find Them As you notice, most of the construction workers and engineers today are using structural steel to put up bridges, homes, buildings and other construction projects. You can see steel almost everywhere around you, like your steel toe shoes, washing machines, shops, materials, vehicles, computers, and even in your gadgets. The obvious reason why many engineers or construction workers prefer structural steel over its wood counterparts is that they are much durable and they are way stronger. There are many advantages which you will surely appreciate if you start using structural steel instead of wood. With structural steel, you won’t have to worry about termites, which are the biggest problems with homes that are made of wood. Another advantage of using structural steel is that there is lesser chance that your house or your building will get into fire compared to those houses or buildings that are made of mood. Also, a structural steel will be stronger in case a natural calamity happens like hurricanes and earthquakes. And of course, you can reuse these structural steels if you are planning to renovate your home or your house. Structural steel are much environmentally friendly since you won’t have to buy other materials. Structural steel are also very cost-effective. If you want to save a lot of money building your house or property, then using structural steel is always the right option. There are many benefits which you will surely appreciate if you start using structural steel now – it is more durable and you will be able to save more money. Before you start planning to build your home or commercial building, you need to make sure that you consider the benefits of the use of structural steel. The best thing about using structural steel is that it is not only durable and cost-effective, you will also be able to save the environment from further damage. If you search on the web, you will discover that there are many companies today that supplies structural steel. Since there are so many companies today that offer structural steel, choosing the best one can be a very daunting task. It is crucial that you check the quality of the structural steel before you purchase it.
5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Options
Also, before choosing a particular company that supplies structural steel, you need to make sure that you double check their background history and their credentials first. It is recommended that you take the time to visit the website of the company that supplies structural steel. Write down the contact information of the company that supplies structural steel. You will then call the structural steel supplier and then ask them relevant questions. Choose only those companies that can provide you matchless customer care service. .5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Options

The Path To Finding Better Services

Benefits of Hiring a Cleaning Company. It is important to clean up a construction site after work. Cleaning a construction site is important for safety purposes. Some places are governed by laws that do not allow unclean constructions. A cleaning company would ensure a thorough work done. Hiring a professional cleaning company would ensure safety. There is more to construction cleaning than just removing the larger objects. There are tiny dust particles in a construction site that can cause skin irritation and affect the respiratory system if not cleaned properly. If the local water around a construction site is affected, it can cause hazardous problems to the local people as well. To ensure the safety of the people living around, you should hire a cleaning company to clean up. People who do not carry out construction cleaning may end up paying fines. It is better to hire a construction cleaning company than fail to do so and pay a large amount of money as fine. Cleaning services are also of great benefit in the industrial sector. Hiring a cleaning company in your industry would ensure the safety of the work place, employees and that of the customers. Most of the establishments in industrial business can be of great danger to the employees and the clients. Industries with off limit areas should hire expertise to clean such areas. There are more skills involved in industrial cleaning compared to other cleaning services. Hazardous materials from manufacturing industries and factories needs to be disposed following the right procedure. Safety should be the priority of the cleaning company as they carry out their tasks .
5 Uses For Services
Cleaning health care facilities provide opportunities for building service contractors. More hospitals are likely to need the cleaning services regardless of the number of cleaning crew employed. There are various regulations and guideline in health care facility cleaning. In most cases, the cleaning service company will need to provide a document of their cleaning steps or procedures.
If You Read One Article About Cleaning, Read This One
Close supervision would ensure a proper work done. You should be ready to offer a training on hazard communication and safe disposal of harmful materials to your employees. A cleaning company should be prepared to spend some money in purchasing more equipment that would suit the needs of the health care facility to be cleaned.

Getting To The Point – Defense

The Benefits that You Can Get from Martial Arts At present, martial arts are being studied globally from different cultures. With the use of martial arts, your muscular condition as well as your fitness levels are greatly improved. Some effective techniques for self defense can be learned based on the martial art that you want to do. A major debate has been going on for some time now pertaining to the effectiveness of martial arts as a form of self defense. It is only when you try the different styles of martial arts that you will know which one works for you. What you can simply do is to find some styles and techniques that suits you, after which, you can already create a fighting system and practice it based on the styles that you have chosen.
Case Study: My Experience With Fitness
To put it simply, you should select a strategy from each martial arts style and practice them personally. Although this approach will probably oppose the culture that martial arts has set, no one will certainly expect you to follow a certain standard when it comes to martial arts. As an example, you will not have the luxury of time to draw a full blown strategy and a fancy kick if you are on the streets. Therefore, it is advisable that you should be open minded in learning all the techniques and styles of martial arts.
5 Takeaways That I Learned About Sports
The purpose of studying martial arts is not only to protect yourself. Reaching the full potential of your body should be your aim in studying martial arts aside from learning on how to properly defend yourself. This implies that your body should be physically fit as it can. Furthermore, it help you experience the true meaning of martial arts as well as its fitness aspect. Expressing yourself through movements is very easy with the help of martial arts. Believe it or not, martial arts are viewed as a form of discipline, arts and exercise. In addition, it can even help you with weight lifting and you will eventually fell strong and more aware of your environment. Any exercise program can make use of the techniques used in martial arts. Comparable to a sport, martial art is a combination of both combative skills and self defense. Throughout the world, several martial art styles exists and it has their own unique techniques and methods. It is not that hard to write an entire book that talks about the individual style of martial arts, however, two of the most popular styles that we can briefly discuss in detail is mixed martial arts or MMA and taekwondo. Unavoidably, some of the martial arts style was not used anymore considering that it cannot be achieved overnight and it takes a lifelong commitment.

Minimize Damage To Your Natural Hair Using Clip In Hair Extensions

Given that each woman has not been endowed with extended hair, beauty professionals were forced to generate choices for many who will need longer tresses for special events but do not necessarily need a sew in hair weave. Whether you want a ponytail or even long curls, you can find hair extensions which can be secured by means of clips and can be easily taken off when you will not want to put them on. These types of clip in hair extensions are usually the simplest way to help increase or thicken all-natural locks and they are accessible for virtually all hair sorts and shades. Clip in extensions are fantastic for people who have color treated hair. They may be processed to complement just about any hair shade, whether it be natural or colored, so they are going to blend in along with the true head of hair. This type of hair offers obvious advantages across the sew in types. Because they are not sewn in or perhaps stuck to genuine head of hair, they never lead to any harm and could be detached in your house. While the outcome could be better should they be place in from a specialist, several ladies can do their particular extensions really well with more experience. Premium quality hair extensions are made from real hair with the help of minimal processing. Black colored as well as additional shades can be purchased.