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A Guide to Choosing the Ideal Equine Transportation

Horse transport can become an owners’ nightmare if not properly chosen and executed. If what’s required is interstate horse transport or long distance movement, this can be even more difficult. As an owner, you’re better off choosing a reputable equine transportation company for assistance, and the tips below may help:


It is critical to select a provider with a great image in the industry. Also, you need to concentrate your search on businesses that have operated for several years. Experience can tell a lot of things, including that the horse transport company will be safe for your animal. Likewise, a company that’s been around for a while is able to attract customer reviews, both negative and positive, on the basis of which a horse owner can make a final choice.
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Interview the Provider
A Simple Plan For Researching Companies

It’s always great to ask a prospective horse transport company questions that are important to the kind of service they’re offering, before choosing them. During your early phone engagement with the company, for example, you may inquire about the methods employed for long-distance horse transport to minimize disruption to the animal while protecting it from hunger. Equine transport companies with extensive experience will easily pin point the most straightforward and quickest routes to your intended destination.

Inquire About Vehicle Type

You want to know the type of vehicle that your horse will be transported in before choosing a company. You want the vehicle to be easy for your horse to enter and exit. In case a rear-load truck is going to be used, what’s its size? Don’t ignore elements like flooring, ramps, and overhead space. Flooring that’s well protected with absorbent shavings will help improve your horse’s temporary experience over the course of transport. A substantially higher roof for the vehicle carrying your horse is also an important consideration.


Coverage is very important to look at when you’re looking for interstate horse transport. It’s preferable that you choose a transport business that’s been doing it for some time when moving your horse from state to state. This service would be best placed to provide your horse with the best in-transit care. Here, best care includes timely feeding and regular breaks before reaching the final destination.

Insurance and License

Ask if your transport company is licensed for interstate shipping in case that’s what needed for your horse. Insurance is your safety net against potential liabilities. Therefore, insist on seeing documents proving that the transporter is appropriately licensed and covered with liability insurance.

A horse transport service that values equine safety would be a great choice every time. You can gauge the a transport company’s credentials for the job based on thorough research and interviews.

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